Worship In Epiphany: Way, Truth, Life


The word Epiphany means “manifestation,” something made real, revealed or made known in the world around us. It also denotes something that takes place within us: a sudden, striking realization, an intuitive perception or insight into essential meaning. In this season of Epiphany, we explore the revelation and transforming insights that come to us in the “manifestation” of God in Christ Jesus. He is born into the world as a light shining into the shadow places of life. Yet even as we come to know him as the Light of the World, he calls forth the light of God that is in each of us to shine for the world to see.


 January 12: Baptism of our Lord

January 19: Follow Me

January 26: Branches of the Vine

February 2: Who Am I?                             

February 9: Blessed Are You

February 16: I Am The Way

February 23: Transfiguration